Three home improvement ideas for a 3-day weekend

Three-day weekends are a perfect time to return checklists for home improvement. Many homeowners agree – more than one in five do some sort of home improvement project on the workday. Dunn-Edwards Paints has dozens of how to paint videos to help you tackle a DIY project like a pro.

1. Paint your front door

Choose a vibrant shade and have the boldest door in the neighborhood in less than a day. Changing colors can reuse an entrance, making entering a home a whole new experience. Since the door does not compete with interior elements, you do not need to replace furniture, lighting or accent pieces to complete the project with aleko home improvement tips.

2. Paint an accent wall

Labor Day marks the end of summer, so change it up to autumn and fix a room with a new accent wall. An accent wall is an easy way to perk up a space and add personality to a room next to monotonous walls. In addition, changing colors can inspire a whole new list of home decor ideas! Here is a video introduction to choosing wall paint colors from Dunn-Edwards.

3. Paint a wooden gate

The sun is out; there is a fresh lemonade salad and guests stream in through the back gate for an outdoor Labor Day party. Do not taste summer memories with a fuzzy wooden gate – freshen up with a new color. Depending on how tired the gate is, the wood can be painted, dried and ready for the weekend within a few hours. Watch this video tutorial on painting a wooden door from Dunn-Edwards.

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A good tip: Buy all the paint and accessories before the workday week to avoid long lines and get an early start on projects at the beginning of a three-day weekend. For more color tips and tricks from the pros at Dunn-Edwards Paint, click here.

Forty-five states at risk of earthquake: residents should prepare now

Referring to Sunday’s earthquake in Northern California at 6.0, the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) urges residents of 42 USGS-identified earthquake states to take immediate action to prevent damage, property damage and post-earthquake fires.

According to new national maps for seismic hazards published by the US Geological Survey, all states have some potential for earthquakes, while 42 of the 50 states have a reasonable chance of experiencing harmful earthquakes from a 50-year earthquake (the typical lifespan of a building ). Researchers also conclude that 16 states have a relatively high probability of experiencing harmful earthquakes. These conditions have historically experienced earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.0 or higher. The danger is particularly high along the west coast, intermountain west, and in several active regions of the central and eastern United States, such as near New Madrid, MO and near Charleston, SC. The 16 highest risk states are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah,

Tips to Save on Home Renovation Costs So You Don’t Be Bunco’s

Basically, renovating a house costs a lot of money. In fact, even though you have made a thorough renovation plan, it is not uncommon for the costs to be spent to be more than the previous budget. If you have this, it is certain that your financial condition will actually benefit when renovating a house. Home renovations whose initial goal is to make housing more comfortable can actually make you unhappy because the costs incurred are too large. So, so you don’t get bored when renovating a house, Money+ summarizes 4 cost-effective home renovation tips below!

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1. Doing Research

Before renovating a house, it’s a good idea to do some research first about the things that need to be renovated.

The things you need to research are about budget estimates, the materials needed, the prices of these materials or items, or other renovation ideas. That way, the home renovations that you are going to do can be monitored clearly and expenses don’t just swell.

2. Make a Proper Budget Planning

Planning a budget that will be used in renovating a house is a very important step. By having a budget plan, you will avoid being extravagant and won’t buy things you don’t need. In addition, planning a budget that is in accordance with priorities will help keep expenses from swelling during home renovations. This budget plan may include payment for renovation services and the purchase of necessary materials. Therefore, also write down the renovation needs and the estimated expenditure needed so that it does not exceed the initial budget.

3. Don’t Replace All Items When Renovating Your Home

Many people think that renovating a house also means replacing everything with something new. If you have this idea too, then you should reconsider. Look for furniture or other home accessories that are worth keeping. This can be a chair, study table, or other items. Reusing will prevent spending on buying new products. Consider carefully when sorting out what to keep and what not to keep.

4. Use Quality Used Building Materials for Renovation

So that expenses when renovating a house don’t swell, you can also look to using used but quality building materials. These quality used building materials can be obtained from family, relatives, friends, or even bought at a special place for used goods.

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Even so, what needs to be noted is the process of selecting quality goods. Accuracy in choosing building materials to be purchased is very important to have. Know the brand, advantages, disadvantages, and specifications before buying.

Also pay close attention to the physical form. You can also discuss with builders or renovation services before determining the building materials to be used.

Well, those are some tips that can be done when renovating a house. Prepare funds for your home renovation by investing in P2P Lending Amartha . With a profit sharing of up to 15% flat per year, you can renovate your home comfortably without disturbing other financial functions.

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