The photo of the cinema torn by the hurricane has shaken the United States

The photo of the cinema torn by the hurricane has shaken the United States

No, this movie was not taken from the Hollywood blockbuster. A theater in Mayfield, Kentucky was actually destroyed by a hurricane on the night of December 10-11. If the red seats did not move, the screen was washed away by bad weather.

The first photo of the room was taken by Shawn Triplet, a former Marine Corps member from the city. Returning from Chicago to take part in relief work, he watched the indestructible movie on his iPhone before posting on social media. He also gave it a title: “End Credits” (Results Credits – Author Note).

Kentucky was the worst-hit U.S. state with 77 deaths after the disaster. “This hurricane swallowed everything in their path. Homes, businesses, places of worship, your dreams, your life“During a visit to Dawson Springs, one of the worst-affected cities, Joe Biden said on Wednesday, December 15. The US president has promised that the federal government will fund the permit works.”100%“For 30 days.

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