The NBA postponed five games due to Kovit-19

The NBA postponed five games due to Kovit-19

Starting a long list of game cancellations and delays? The NBA Sunday announced the postponement of five games, while the American Basketball League, like the United States, has been hit by a meteorite increase in the number of Covit-19 cases.

Five games postponed

Three games scheduled for Sunday (Atlanta-Cleveland, Brooklyn-Denver and Philadelphia-New Orleans) have been postponed, as well as Toronto-Orlando scheduled for Monday and Brooklyn-Washington on Tuesday.

It all started on Sunday morning, with special media outlet ESPN announcing that five Cavaliers players, including Pivot Jared Allen, had tested positive, joining Evan Mobley and Isaac Okoro in the list of players on anti-Govt protocol.

This prompted the league to postpone the meeting, which put the guards against the hawks as their star point guard Trey Young tested positive and suffered from covid disease.

Ten days affected by Govt

While their ten players, including three stars Kevin Durand, James Horton and Kyrie Irving, are on anti-Govt protocol, the Nets see their next two games postponed.

The latter, although unvaccinated, returned to work. Leader was previously disqualified from his role because he did not qualify for home games, but is now scheduled to play in out-of-town matches. For this, he must recover from Govt disease.

So the Nets will not face either the Denver Nuggets this Sunday or the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, while Lamarcas Aldridge, Bruce Brown, Paul Millsab, Die Andre Pembroy, Jovon Carter and James Johnson are on the franchise ‘coveted list’.

Avoid season breaks

The match against the Pelicans for a six has also been postponed. After Philadelphia and Georges Nyang, who already have several injured players, Andre Drummond and Sheikh Milton have been added to the anti-Govt protocol.

ESPN said the Sixers were confident they could resume playing in Boston on Monday.

Finally, the league announced the postponement of the match between Toronto and Orlando scheduled for Monday. There were only nine players at Orlando Magic on Saturday (the minimum requirement of the league was 8), who beat the Nets 100-93.

A total of 31 games were postponed last season

All of these announcements bring the number of games postponed to the NBA this season to seven, while a total of 31 games were postponed last season due to Govt. The first two games rescheduled this season are the Chicago Bulls, with ten players on the team lonely due to the Covit-19 this week.

This Sunday the Bulls will return to court against the Lakers who lost their coach Frank Vogel. He will be replaced on the bench by David Fistale as his assistant.

After a relatively quiet start to the season under the Govt lead, the virus has reappeared in dazzling fashion in the NBA in recent weeks, with many teams disintegrating.

On Sunday afternoon, the NBA kept 64 players and one coach on health protocol over the past six days.

According to the ESPN report, teams affected by the NBA and NBPA (NBA Players’ Association) Govt disease are continuing to work on a plan to add additional players. The league is determined to reduce postponements and avoid season suspensions, ESPN says.

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