Dystopian situation in an isolated camp described by a witness (video) – RT in French

Dystopian situation in an isolated camp described by a witness (video) - RT in French

In the supporting video, an Australian testified that he was isolated in a camp where he was locked up for 14 days despite a negative test. In particular, she is reprimanded for taking a few steps on her balcony.

Haley Hodgson, 26, testified to the media Unherd News Individuals returning from overseas, but suffering from Covid 19 disease or simple contact cases, have been forced to stay for 14 days at the Australian Isolated Howard Springs Center.

In the video he released while she was locked up in the camp, you can see two officers attacking her while she was on the balcony of the room where she was locked up. Giving him a “warning”, Haley Hodgson is criticized for not wearing his mask and washing clothes, but just a few steps from his room, wanting to converse with another person beyond his balcony.

“Once again, it doesn’t have to be brilliant,” one agent replied, denouncing the absurdity of the rules in place. She was confronted with the simple fact that “the risk is still high”, pointing out that her Govt test was negative.

$ 5,000 fine for repeat offense

He warned that he would be fined A $ 5,000 if he repeated the crime, adding that he further aggravated the dystopian situation that prevailed in the camp during an interview. “You feel like you’re in prison. You feel like you did something wrong, and what they are doing is inhumane,” he told the Unhard News on December 2.

He also described the lack of empathy on the part of the guards for caring so little about isolated people: “These people are in protective clothing and everything. They do not want to approach you because they think you are infected. And they will drop you off in your room. And they leave you. They will not come and say anything, they will not check, they will do nothing.

Center Howard Springs, in the north of Australia, is one of the camps dedicated to isolating returning people.. According to press reports, like Hayley Hodgson, it has been used for some time to isolate victims or to prosecute cases – even those with a negative test. Thus on November 21, the site of the Australian Public Television Channel ABC “38 contact cases [avaient] Were identified and transferred to Howard Springs. December 1, The same media Howard Springs was quoted as saying by Northern Province Chief Minister Michael Connor that “there is no prison, but no playground.” “People are there because people are positive for Govt, or because there is a high risk of Govt being positive,” he explained.

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