Dr. Strange 2: Are cameos expected with Spider-Man No Way Home? – cinema News

Dr. Strange 2: Are cameos expected with Spider-Man No Way Home?  - cinema News

Spider-Man: Did No Way Home Encourage Doctor Strange 2? This is what is being rumored in Hollywood right now … Cameos could have been added at the last minute following Marvel’s craze with the possibilities offered by Multiverse.

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Last November, we learned that Dr. Strange will be back in filming for six weeks at Multiverses of Madness. Much more was mentioned than creative logistics factors to explain these long reshoots. But the Hollywood Reporter Now offers a new interpretation, especially Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is currently a worldwide hit.

The American media, in its newsletter, assures that the scenes will end and that they may have actually been caused by the new film dedicated to Peter Parker, but by the Loki series. Two works in common for dealing with multiverses.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel would love to bring back actors from other universes for No Way Home and have different versions of Loki in the Disney + series, which would have prompted the producers to decide.Have more fun in Multiverses”. New cameos will be added as a result!

Rumored quotes Collider Specifically talk about the appearance of Bruce Campbell, a frequent collaborator of Dr. Strange 2’s director Sam Rimi. He may star in variations of Mysterio (Jack Gillenhall in For Home) or his favorite character, Ash from the Evil Dead Franchise.

Were the other characters revealed?

In addition to MCU heroes or cameos of famous actors, Supreme Magician Supreme’s Second Adventure may feature many characters never seen before on screen. Pictures of the toys from Dr. Strange in Multiverses of Madness were actually shared on Instagram, revealing the new allies and enemies of the superhero played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

In these films, we see the appearance of Miss America Chavez as Miss America, starring Xochitl Gomez, Wong (Benedict Wong) and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and several versions and unspoken characters of Dr. Strange. They are so far.

According to these photos, the alien sleepwalker and the wizard Minotar Rindra end well in the film. Contrary to their appearance, these characters are allies of Strange in comics. Very powerful, they both come from parallel dimensions.

If these images are to be believed, another character may point to the tip of his nose, this time a villain: the ghost D’Spayre, the paper version of which was created by the host in the dark, most recently Shang-Ci and The. The legend of the ten rings. Is it a coincidence?

Of course, you have to wait until the release of Dr. Strange 2, which is scheduled for May 4, 2022. Also if you want to preview the first pictures of the movie, go to the theaters after the second credit scene of Spider. Man: No Way Home is dedicated to him.

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