55 women from the same gym club shared $ 80 million in the lottery

55 women from the same gym club shared $ 80 million in the lottery

At the current exchange rate, each woman would raise about $ 1.45 million or over 10 910,000.

A nice gift for year-end celebrations. A group of 55 women from the same gym club City of Perth, Australia wins $ 80 million jackpot in Powerball draw in early December Draw-winner.

Winners plan to share the lottery’s prize pool: each of them will raise about $ 1.45 million – just over 10 910,000 at current exchange rates.

“A Surreal Sense”

The initiative was initiated by club president Sue. Each member contributed $ 5. In the evening of the draw, some of the participants gathered for the club’s Christmas party in the northern suburbs of Perth. In the midst of the celebrations, a woman’s husband informed them by phone: they will find a successful combination and become millionaires.

“The women cried and laughed, some were shocked. I could not even explain it. It was so amazing, a surreal feeling,” Sue explains. 7 News.

“Like Santa Claus”

Lorna, who did not attend the Christmas dinner on December 2, received several missed calls from her gym mates that evening. “So I called them back and said, ‘I hope you call me to say we won in Powerball,’ and they said ‘yes, we won,'” she explained. Australian Radio 6PR.

“I was like Father Christmas (the next day) in the morning and I was able to call all these people and tell them they won $ 1.5 million, and it was a great morning,” the president explains.

Due to ill health, the last two years have been difficult for some members, but also for their gym club. “Since Kovit-19, the gym has been in big financial trouble, and a lot of the women in the gym come here as a shop,” says Sue. “We are a real community, which will change the lives of each and every one of us.”

To all of these winners, “the future is bright.” This check is particularly welcome to Chuck, whose husband was recently fired.

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