Etisalat raises home internet services to unprecedented levels in the UAE


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Etisalat today announced the launch of eLife Ultra Packages, the new generation home internet and digital entertainment packages in the UAE, offering high internet speeds and digital benefits in addition to the best HD and 4K TV channels.

The new packages offer on-demand TV entertainment, video games, music, lifestyle features and more.

After the Covid 19 epidemic changed the way people use their services and their digital lifestyle, the purpose of these additional services is to cater to the changing needs of families today, beyond providing Internet and home television content.

Based on this, Etisalat has introduced eLife Ultra packages with the aim of meeting these new requirements and leading the digital future in the United Arab Emirates.

The launch of the new eLife Ultra Packages is an important step towards enabling higher internet speeds to reach 1 gigabit in the eLife Ultra Fusion package with a monthly subscription of 999 Dirhams in the UAE. And spreading high internet speeds in the country.

Khalid Al Khouli, CEO of Etisalat’s Consumer Affairs, said: “These new services from Etisalat confirm our commitment to realizing the diverse needs of families in the UAE on the one hand, and to move towards adopting the UAE’s superiority. With our strategy of ‘upgrading’, we move from service delivery to pioneer digital services, delivering more attractive content and services with better home internet speeds.The new range eLife Ultra Packages will be of great value to families with the ability to provide high quality entertainment, games and music.

The eLife Ultra range comes in three packages to suit different needs: eLife Ultra Starter, eLife Ultra Sports and eLife Ultra Fusion.

The first package, the eLife Ultra Starter, offers subscribers internet speeds of up to 500 Mbps at 429 dirhams, while the eLife Ultra Sports package comes at 650 dirhams at 750 Mbps, and the new eLife Ultra Fusion packages 1Gbps internet speed at 999 dirhams, OSN With premium TV content through Ultimate Packages, premium offers that offer high connection speeds at affordable prices.

To celebrate the launch of these new packages in the United Arab Emirates, subscribers will receive a free internet speed upgrade for a limited time by adding 250Mbps to two eLife Ultra Starter packages that reach speeds of up to 750Mbps. eLife Ultra Sport package, which is 1Gbps per second.

eLife Packages is a very popular entertainment service that offers viewers a wide range of TV content from around the world. Newer packages include STARZPLAY and Amazon Prime.

STARZPLAY is the premier content streaming service in the Middle East and North Africa region, providing customers with access to thousands of hours of premium content, including the latest movies and exclusive TV shows. Arabic and Turkish series, cartoons, live broadcasts and more. From games like UFC, rugby, AFC matches and cricket.

Amazon Prime offers members the best shopping, storage and entertainment experience, including free one-day delivery of thousands of products, international delivery of millions of products from Amazon US and UK, and multiple membership benefits including exclusive shopping deals. Prime members have access to popular and award-winning entertainment, including Amazon Originals, dubbing in Arabic verses and Prime video, and free games and game content each month on Prime Gaming.

eLife TV games are available with unlimited access to over 70 premium-class games in HD quality in the eLife Sport and eLife Fusion packages, and both packages offer wireless games that are sure to delight game lovers in the UAE. Controller to enjoy games instantly and easily. .

Music enthusiasts can avail Deezer’s family subscription free initial offer for three months on eLife Ultra Sport and eLife Ultra Fusion packages. In addition to the amazing music library that caters to all tastes, Deezer also offers exclusive access to Rotana channels designed specifically for Arab audiences. Sports fans can enjoy the beIN ULTIMATE package in eLife Ultra Sports and eLife Ultra Fusion packages.

Another benefit of the new packages is the free food delivery using Etisalat’s “Smiles” app.

Existing eLife customers have the opportunity to upgrade to the new eLife Ultra packages to enjoy new home internet speeds, premium TV content and digital entertainment services. Customers can sign up for a 24 month contract or opt for a monthly subscription.


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