United States: Court of Appeal reinstates vaccination obligation on companies Biden wanted

United States: Court of Appeal reinstates vaccination obligation on companies Biden wanted

As the Omicron variant progresses around the world, a US federal court ruling should satisfy Joe Biden. On Friday, December 17, Biden re-established the vaccination duty for employees of large companies desired by management to prevent the outbreak of Covid 19, and this was stopped by another organization in early November. Forcing millions of employees in companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated by January 4 is a controversial move.

Announced in mid-September, it was approved by the White House in early November and immediately urgently challenged in court, especially in the state of Texas, where it was restricted by Republicans who oppose any vaccine obligation to fight the epidemic. The action was adjourned Nov. 6 by the Texas Court of Appeals pending a review of qualifications.

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“Protect workers”

Another appellate court in New Orleans pursued the suspension in mid-November, arguing that the vaccine duty was “largely” in violation of the authority of the US government. “Cowit-19 has been established to prevent the continued spread, modification, killing and return of American employees safely to their jobs,” Ohio’s Court of Appeals explained in its ruling Friday. Judiciary to resolve all appeals. This decision may still be challenged in the US Supreme Court.

“To protect workers, Osha (Federal Agency for Occupational Safety and Health) can and should respond to emerging risks,” said Judge Jane Strong. Osha notes that he has already enjoyed the vast powers in history to ensure the safety of workers, and has “demonstrated the pervasive danger posed by Covid 19 to workers – especially those who have not been vaccinated”. The suspension of the vaccine duty was a major setback for Democratic President Joe Biden, who described the move as “the best way out of this epidemic”. “Of course not many people are vaccinated to get out,” he said.

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