Google Drive can block files and lock users, new business policy data protection

Google Chrome 2

Google will automatically lock files that you consider to be problematic.

Google Chrome 2 Source: SmartLife / Google

Probably the most popular company is the one that many equate to the Internet, especially by email – Google – announcing changes to the rules for using online storage – Google Drive.

In short, some of the files we may share in the future through Drive Apps and the web client are browser-only, and if Google estimates that they do not comply, the owner’s account may be restricted (notified. File sharing is disabled), but in the event of a serious violation, the user’s own Further use of the account may be prohibited!

For many users, this is a frightening thought, especially for security professionals, especially considering that such a decision may be completely arbitrary in practice.

Under the slogan of preventing abuse and cybercrime, Google Otherwise, he does not view anything that smells like theft, malware, phishing, hate speech, content harmful to children or explicit content for adults.

True, there are exceptions.

Google Drive's new privacy policy Source: SmartLife / Google

The distribution of such content is permitted for artistic, educational, documentary or scientific purposes or, with exceptions, subject to Google’s discretion – whether or not to allow them.

We need to see if some of the reviewers who review the content based on the algorithm or user complaint can identify what is art and what is not. Explicit content, As well as what is being explained and in what way based on hate speech and especially verbal and other forms of harassment. Because we do not all have the same criteria when it comes to things like this, as well as the threshold of tolerance

What do you think Google did?

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