Saugat Barkley (Giants): “Micah Parsons is like Lawrence Taylor”

Saugat Barkley (Giants): "Micah Parsons is like Lawrence Taylor"

We must first set the context. Lawrence Taylor holds two NFL titles, eight selections on the All-Pro first team and three Defenseman of the Year titles. He is the last defensive player to win the MVP title and is very exceptional. That was in 1986.

It is difficult to make a very special note when talking about a defender.

However, this is where Saugat Barkley did not hesitate to talk about Micah Parsons.

“I’m never seen anything like him. Honestly, he’s like Lawrence Taylor. He’s like this: he’s incredible,” Barclays said on Yahoo Sport’s microphone.

I did not say that because we are friends. In fact the sky is the limit for him. If he continues to work hard and be serious, he can be even better than he is now. This is the terrifying thing. “

Horrifying because Barclays have to face Parsons twice a year, especially in the upcoming tournament.

Parsons has managed 12 sacks in 13 games this season and has forced 3 fumbles. If he is promoted to this year’s defensive player title, he will be called up to the league-wide Defender of the Year trophy.

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