“Nicholas Cage, Against All Contradictions” – Noise and Anger

"Nicholas Cage, Against All Contradictions" - Noise and Anger

Author Vims He continues his work around the great personalities of cinema in the collection “Capricchi Stories”. Between Nicholas Cage’s autobiography and essay he returned to the Waltz.

In France, the list of threads dedicated to Nicolas Cage is thin. Some critics have emphasized its importance despite the very random films that rule the climax – Sailor & Lula – and missed items. The actor has become a symbol of parody culture on the internet. There are plenty of memes, the escaping legion in his personal life. Because Nicholas Cage has too much lifestyle and playing style. Filmmakers struggle to give a structure that embodies its over-character. During his recent travels to the land of madness, filmmaker Panos Cosmatos came to better understand the many contradictions of the American actor. Mandy.

D.Get his place back

Journalist in Release Lolo Jimmy Batista presents the story around the life of Nicholas Cage. His excess, the difficulty of finding a place in the Coppola family (filmmaker Francis Ford and his uncle) and Hollywood. The second book to be published at the same time in Capricchi was dedicated to Jean Cabin and written by Sebastien Kimines. The first plays to burn its wings, the second hides all the nuances of acting behind its single side. Two concepts of service Actor Seems to be facing each other.

If both books are excellent bills, it is the book in Nicholas Gage that has caught our attention the most. Lolo Jimmy Batista returned to the set several times Sailor & Lula. According to Nicholas Cage, David Lynch believes in “the poems of pure love and everyday life.” In this collected formula, there is indeed an explanation for the presence of Nicholas Cage in the film of the American director. The vast majority of his acting blends well with Lincoln’s lust for harassment by men. The image of the destroying angel, in the cast of the film, is surprisingly repetitive. Mandy. So unity is emerging.

Nicholas Cage - Capricci

Work, still work

If the book can capture anything in the image of Nicholas Gage, it is through its device. At the crossroads of essay and autobiography, Nicholas Cage, against all odds We wander between verifiable quotes and fictional passages. This is not a book by a historian, but a book by a critic trying to understand the connection between films that represent the life of an actor. “Profession” is not the right word. He never seeks to please or climb the ladder of global recognition. The secret of its longevity lies in its ability to go to work. And at work, there is always waste. This is also explained by his financial concerns but this part of Nicholas Cage’s life is not mentioned. Newspaper People He happily takes care of it.

By the end of the book, we still wonder if we understand what Nicholas Cage is. A free electron, a cheater, a living skinned man, a genius Cabotin, a great actor. These may be all and many.

Nicholas Cage. Against all contradictions, Lolo Jimmy Batista, editions Capricci, 2021, 11 euros 50.

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