Why is Standard being the dream hotel for Christmas in London?

Why is Standard being the dream hotel for Christmas in London?

Between King’s Cross and St. Bangross, The Standard Replaced the old one Camden Town Hall In an urban hotel with a brilliant light Seventies. Located in a building with brutal charm, he is an interior designer Shawn Houseman Who blurred the lines there. The British capital has a recording studio with very colorful, light wooden planks and turquoise ceramics signed on the ground floor. Lupna Chaudhary Live groups play and discussion workshops are organized. The bedrooms, with their rounded decor, get deep blue-purple-red-orange shades. Glows. When at the table, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias Re-illustrates the best Latin American cuisine.

Christmas at the standard in London

Standard in LondonLogan Irwin-McDougall

And as the holidays approach, do not miss the place to participate in the celebrations. Significantly Harris Reid And Set Low It signs the outfit. First there is a slightly gothic Christmas tree in the lobby and plant installations throughout the library. When investing in a second bar and restaurant, the future recreates the universe of the 70s with colorful sculptures.

Standard in LondonLogan Irwin-McDougall

In the project on the site? Inspired by resident artists, the chip cocktail (Harris Reed combines cognac, jasmine and champagne, while set lo gin, lemon and champagne), lunch, strolls through London to the 10th floor Decimo restaurant. , Festive dinners, cocktails on the roof and British breakfast the next day. Most? Benji B promises to be exciting on New Year’s Eve with a party hosted by DJ Harv-Interin’s Set (Honest Jones) and a Mexican Brunch the next morning. Notice to amateurs.

Standard in LondonCharlie McKay

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