NBA Project: 11 games in the program, including one Thunder

pelicans 29 septembre 2021

We continue with a great show in the hustle and bustle of yesterday evening. As a starter, the Sixers will host the Heat Tournament, where you can choose between three games at 4pm for dessert before and after a major course at the Wolves ruling MVP’s home. Reveal your most beautiful Italian accent, today is Wednesday Banzani.

Plan for Wednesday # 15 December 2021

  • 1 hour: Mantra – hawks
  • 1 hour: Sixers – Heat (Sir Bean Sports 4)
  • 1 hour: Guards – Rockets
  • 1h30: Mavericks – Lockers (sur beIN Sports 1)
  • 2 hrs: Bucks – Pacers
  • 2 hrs: Thunder – Pelicans
  • 2h30: Spurs – Hornets
  • 3 p.m .: Nuggets – Timberwolves
  • 4 p.m .: Jazz – Clippers
  • 4 p.m .: Blazers – ChrisLice (Surp4 in Sports 4)
  • 4 p.m .: Kings – witches

# The Match of the Night, finally according to us

Nuggets – Timberwolves (3pm): Denver finished eighth and Minnesota ninth, with both teams finishing in the playoffs. For teams in the turbulent zone, the cast on the ballpark would be nice, with Anthony Edwards and Carl-Anthony Downs on the Wolves side but host Nicola jogging. The Joker is now accustomed to carrying claws at arm’s length. Recently, the Serbian pivot was running at full speed, averaging 28.2 points, 14.4 rebounds and 10.3 assists in his last five games with three triple-doubles as a bonus. That’s it. For their part, the Wolves would have to do without D’Angelo Russell, uncertain due to the ankle sore. It would not be nice if we knew there are records of wolves 7-23 Without him last season, and 0-5 This year … the competition will have a small role to play in sustaining the West in any case.

# Track

  • The Sixers continue their tough month with a 4-3 record so far. With Miami still losing Pam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia will be looking to record another victory before facing the nets of the currently unplayable Kevin Durant.
  • Despite Hawks’ verified results, Trey Young is currently in excellent condition. But it is always good to play magic to get revived.
  • The Cavaliers continue to surprise, they are now fourth in the East and could record their fifth win against the Rockets 8-2 in their last ten games.
  • Thunder – The Pelicans are undoubtedly the match of the night (no).
  • The Grizzlies continue their journey without Ja Morant, finishing fourth in the West and 8-1 in the absence of their superstar. Will they continue to be chained to the Blazers ground in crisis?
  • The Lakers, affected by the sudden Govt wave, will face the Mavericks without Dylan Horton-Tucker, Dwight Howard and Malik Monk. The good news, however, is that Anthony Davis is expected to return to help the Los Angeles team secure a third win against Luca Tonsik’s private mavs.
  • The Clippers have their fourth consecutive win against the Suns, and the Jazz, one of the most relevant teams at the moment, need to secure a big series of seven wins.
  • The Kings will face the Witches without their coach Alvin Gentry, who has been plagued by this cursed coward.

From 1am to 7pm, the coffee team will have a lot to do. If you’re questioning your performance before the show’s start, The Godfather’s remake should set you up in Italian style this Wednesday.

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