Lézignan-Corbières Film Club: A Different Western

Lézignan-Corbières Film Club: A Different Western

The Palace Film Club presents the last evening of this year with the screening of the movie “First Cow”: A Different Western.

Tonight, Thursday 16 December Up to 20 H 30, Palace Cinema opens the door to the best cinema The first cow, A work by Kelly Richard, which won the Jury Prize at the 2020 Duville American Film Festival.

Far from the traditional clichs, this Western immerses the audience in the world of people who seek to break out of it by finding original ideas to earn a better life. Thoughtful, Hypnotic Western, Lightning Beauty, The first cow The forerunner stimulates the imagination : Plenty of land, lucky dreams, primitive capitalism … through a separate friendship between two human beings.

One is a cook, lonely and quiet (John McGarroe). The other was a Chinese immigrant (Orion Lee) who was looking for luck. The two together engage in a dangerous business, for which they steal the milk of the first and only cow of the area, a wealthy landowner. The first cow Released under Lockdown is one of the most anticipated films of 2020.

Kelly Richard is a director who brings back to the people the clichs about America, but also the relationship with culture and nature and civilization. While processing the image in great detail at slow speeds, the beauty of each shot is coupled with empathy for the characters.

Excellent cinema that creates the source brilliance of an independent production that focuses on showing the rudeness and harshness of adventurers and the helpless who seek the lost Ethan. A film about the birth of a nation in the early 19th century Century, in the wild lands of Oregon. A political work, it shows the social divide that divides these people, all walks of life in search of success and happiness.

In conjunction with Ciném’Aude, a draw will be held with tickets to win the annual pass that gives access to all screenings of the Ciném’Aude Network.

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