One-third in a positive village after the festivals in Jura

One-third in a positive village after the festivals in Jura

Hundreds of people have contracted Covid 19 in just two weeks in this town where most people are vaccinated.

A small town in Jura has been hit hard by the virus. One-third of residents in Chissey-sur-Loue, located between Dôle and Besançon in Jura, have positively tested Covid-19 in recent days. This represents one hundred patients out of 323 people living in the village BFMTV.

Most of the victims are over 70 years old and are being vaccinated. Of the victims, only one was placed in oxygen. The other 70 patients experienced only mild symptoms.

Several ways to understand why so many people are affected in two weeks are currently being explored. The spread of the virus through educated children in the surrounding nine municipalities may explain this massive pollution.

“Mystery is all over”

But there is another hypothesis in the study. At the end of November, several festivals were held in Sissy-sur-Lou, including the Peugeot Novio Festival and the Concoillod Festival. “I think I caught it during the Peugeot evening, and then, I sent it to my wife at a birthday party in Germagni”, Progress A victim citizen.

But according to city mayor Jean-Claude Pichson, health rules were fully respected in both cases. “Extremely specific instructions, health passes and remote gestures were all that was needed. The village hall was constantly ventilated and we were actually within standards. How did it grow? We do not know, the mystery remains unsolved, ”he told BFMTV.

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