“La La Land”: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Worship Movie: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"La La Land": 5 Things You Didn't Know About Worship Movie: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The film was released on January 25, 2017 La La land In the cinema in France. After realizing Whip, A film about a drummer, Damien Chassell, a love song of a debutant actress played by Emma Stone and a jazz pianist played by Ryan Gosling, who danced to a romantic song. The situation bathed in a certain nostalgia. There is more to this music Imposing one of the biggest hits of the year, in a few months, almost created Worldwide $ 427 million (or 392 million). For the first time, Land Clearly airing on December 13, 2021 M6. A chance to discover (probably) 5 facts you did not know about the film.

1 – “La La Land”: A film that almost never sees daylight

The success was immediate, but its preparation took a long time. Damien Chassell was 25 years old, in 2010, when he was imagining La La land For the first time. Unfortunately, the director quickly confronts the denials of the big studios. The reason? The latter do not want to take the risk of starring in a jazz film without success. Inspirational feedback to start Damien Chassell Whip, Another film project. The success of the latter finally convinced Summit Entertainment that he decided to make the film in 2015.

2 – Emma Stones and Ryan Gosling: A Real Fantasy Couple

Cinema fans may have noticed, but the film La La land This is not the first time Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have been linked together. In fact, the two have shared the poster on many occasions, especially in the pictures Crazy, stupid, romantic, Released in 2011, Manchester by sea, Released in 2016, Gangster Squad, Released in 2013, or My Favorite Patterns by Julio Torres, Released in 2019, two years later La La land.

3 – Other actors should have played the lead roles

It’s hard to imagine other actors playing the roles of Mia and Sebastian Wilder La La land ! However, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are not in the lead roles, But Emma Watson and Miles Teller. But it was the schedule and salary concerns that prompted Damien Chassell to star again. In fact, during filming, the Harry Potter star was engaged to be engaged Beauty and danger As mentioned Premier.F.R. Such as Miles Teller, his salary demands were too high for the film’s budget. A twist that the director did not regret.

4 – Ryan Gosling is a true musician

He is known for his talent in comedy, but also a musician at the heart of Ryan Gosling. In La La land, Who reads Sebastian on the piano is not a student, but he is. Eva Mendes’ comrade had to follow two hours of lessons a day, for almost six weeks.

5 – Ryan Gosling blinks a little at his beloved Eva Mendes

In one scene from the film, Sebastian says: “This is LA, they love everything and appreciate nothing “. Speech that says nothing to onlookers. However, this little phrase was a sign of Ryan Gosling’s love for Eva Mendes. Mary Clary. In fact, it refers to a sentence the American actress uttered during a discussion with her girlfriend. Aren’t they beautiful?

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