Thousands of Salvador people condemn “a dictatorial slide”

Thousands of Salvador people condemn "a dictatorial slide"

(San Salvador) Thousands of people protested in San Salvador on Sunday, just days after the United States allowed a close aide to President Naib Bukhele to protest against corruption and their perception of dictatorship in the country.

Eduardo Alvarenga, 37, a lawyer who carried a banner calling for an end to corruption, said during a rally in the city that “as a country, we are tired of abusing government officials with the resources of the people.” Many settings.

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Carolina Resinos, the chief executive of Naib Bukele, on corruption charges. President Bukele called the allegations “absurd.”

After an unprovoked protest, he attacked the US government.

“American taxpayers need to know that their government is using their money to finance communist movements against the democratically elected government. […] In El Salvador, ”Buhl wrote on Twitter.

Judges and former judges took part in the protest, with the ruling party-dominated Congress calling for respect for the separation of powers after the dismissal of Supreme Court judges in May, followed by judges over 60 years of age.

“We are marching today as judges to uphold the rule of law and the rule of law,” said former judge George Guzmn, who resigned in solidarity with his dismissed colleagues.

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