The Australian dream of many foreigners came to an end

The Australian dream of many foreigners came to an end

Prolonged closure of Australia’s borders can be tiring for foreigners (often expensive), as well as for those staying there and waiting at home on visas. On the site Al-Jazeera Collected their testimonies.

Australia is one of the countries with the toughest policy in the fight against Covid 19. Boundaries, which have been closed to the majority of travelers since March 2020, are set to reopen on the 1st for foreign students and skilled workers.There is December 2021.

Faced with the arrival of the Omicron variant, the Australian government has decided to postpone the move for two weeks. On the site Al-Jazeera Went to meet Foreigners stranded in Australia (if they return to their home country, they cannot return) and those who have to come but are stranded at home. Chase Arnesen, a Canadian who traveled to Australia on a four-year work visa after living in Singapore, told him of his astonishment:

If I leave, it means not only leaving my business and my home here, but also my privacy and my friends. But if I stay, it means I will be away from my family indefinitely. I can not justify not seeing my own parents as they get older and my nieces and nephews halfway through their lives. My life has been torn in two and I feel like I have been set aside indefinitely.

The case against Chad Ahmed. He lives in his native Pakistan and obtained a student visa to go to Australia but he could not go there. So, he is waiting like the 14,000 foreign postgraduate students stranded abroad. According to the Australian government, they will have to apply for a new visa next July for A $ 1680 or about 65 1065.

Under these conditions, Australia is becoming increasingly less attractive. Moreover, it could precisely prevent the country from sustaining the pace of thirty years of uninterrupted growth and alleviating the labor shortage associated with Govt disease.

According to Gabriela D’Souza, an economist at Monash University in Melbourne, government policy “Less and less defensive”, The vaccination rate is approaching 80% of the population. “I myself am an immigrant, She explains, I have a lot of friends who are reconsidering their decision to emigrate to Australia. Those who want to come to the country will definitely visit other places like Canada and UK.


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