Secret meeting with Prince Harry, Megan Markle at the Palace, Lilliput, London

Secret meeting with Prince Harry, Megan Markle at the Palace, Lilliput, London

Would Prince Harry and Megan Markle have left for London with their two children, including little Lilliput, for a secret meeting with the Queen at the palace on the occasion of the anniversary? May be. .

Women’s Day magazine announced on its front page this week.
The meeting is said to have taken place in the palace. Prince Harry appeared with a baby behind him Presented as her little Lilliput who was born last June.

In the inner pages, however, it is about Prince Harry’s dream that his children should learn about his English family.
“Thanks to Harry’s adorable children, things are fine with Harry at home,” a source close to Sussex said. “He’s crazy about Lily making him submissive”.

But Megan Markle’s husband realizes that his daughter is American and will grow up in California. It will keep him thinking about his future and his own legacy.

Despite his verifiable relationship with Prince Charles and his brother William, the children he bore from his relationship with Megan Markle must have known the life of England and Balas.
“They will come to Buckingham Palace anytime,” he was told.
The final celebrations of the year will be a great opportunity. He would have discussed it with Megan Markle and no decision had been made.

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