Traces of fast-footed dinosaurs have surprised researchers

Traces of fast-footed dinosaurs have surprised researchers

By analyzing the distance between the hip height and the distance of the dinosaur’s footprints, the ancient researchers were able to estimate the speed at which the animals moved. .

The study was released on Thursday and researchers believe it is traces of one of the fastest dinosaurs ever discovered. AP.

Looks like prints Came from two different two-legged dinosaurs that belonged to the carnivorous genus of Thropods.

In terms of tracks, one reached speeds of 32 to 45 kilometers per hour and the other a maximum of 37 kilometers per hour. According to researchers, one of the dinosaurs seems to have changed direction while running.

– The ability to run very fast and maneuver allowed them to chase their prey more efficiently, says Pablo Navarro-Lorbs.

The animals woke up It is two meters long and weighs 200 to 300 kg and measures up to five meters between head and tail.

“Some ancient researchers believe that therapods, which weighed 100 to 1,000 kg, may have been the best racers among the dinosaurs because of the relationship between their weight and their muscles,” says Pablo Navarro-Larps.

Two tracks – with seven and five prints, respectively – were found at the bottom of an old lake in the La Rioja area. During the same period, the area was home to a variety of plant dinosaurs and flying reptiles.

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