‘The Birds’ star Tippy Hetron says Alfred Hitchcock ‘ruined’ his life: he had a ‘dark side’.

'The Birds' star Tippy Hetron says Alfred Hitchcock 'ruined' his life: he had a 'dark side'.

When Alfred Hitchcock first saw Natalie Hetron in a 1961 ad for the health drink Sego, he immediately thought that the young model might be the next Grace Kelly.

The aspiring star, now known as Tippy Hedron, has been offered a seven-year contract by the famed director. But despite his debut in the 1963 film “The Birds”, his relationship with Hitchcock deteriorated.

“I don’t want to be an actress,” the 91-year-old said recently. Closer each week. “I was lucky he saw the ad. He has helped a lot to shape my life and it is perfect to have him as a drama coach. “

Hetron said Hitchcock was in control as he grew into a star. Despite being a popular “artist”, he described Hitchcock as having “a really bad dark side”.

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Tippy Heatron starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, based on the thriller Daphne du Marrier.
(Getty Images)

“Whenever I talk to an actor or a male member of a band, my next conversation with Hitchcock will be frozen,” the actress recalled.

“If he was talking to a group on the other side of the stage, his eyes would be on me,” he added.

According to the media, Hitchcock’s behavior to Heathrow worsened. Following Hedren, she had passed the house, and at one point hurried to kiss her on the limo, and she fled.

After the 1964 Marni, Hedron refused to work with Hitchcock again, the media shared. As punishment, he stuck her in their contract, which prevented her from working with anyone else for two years.

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British director Alfred Hitchcock directs American actress Tippy Hetren sitting in front of a typewriter on the set of his film. "Marnie."

British director Alfred Hitchcock directs American actress Tippy Hetren as he sits in front of a typewriter on the set of his film ‘Marnie’.
(Archives Halton / Getty Images)

“It ruined my life, but it didn’t ruin my life,” Hedron said.

But Hedron continued to be a passionate animal rights lawyer. In 1983, he founded Roar Foundation, A non-profit organization that supports Shambhala balance In California.

According to Shambhala’s website, the big cats have already been confiscated by officials at the California Fish and Sports, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Humanitarian Association. At roadside zoos. And private citizens. Animals receive appropriate nutritional, medical, and emotional care because they “live their lives with attention, understanding, and dignity.”

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Tippy Hedron, who made his mark "Birds," Says "Marnie" His last film with Alfred Hitchcock.

Tippy Hedron, who made his mark on “The Birds”, said his last film was “Marnie” starring Alfred Hitchcock.
(Universal Studios / Getty Images)

In 2020, Hetren told Fox News that his interest in helping exotic cats in need, especially during difficult times, kept him going.

“I’m looking out my windows … [and admire] The beauty of the Shambhala Reserve, ”he said at the time. “There is nothing more beautiful than Mona – a wonderful Bengal tiger – walking through her premises from my dining room window. “

“Our regular visits cannot be arranged in reserve here,” Hedron explained. “This has put a lot of pressure on us financially because all of these beautiful residents here have not yet eaten and cared for. I know how difficult things are for everyone at this time, but [we] I would deeply appreciate any support. “

In 2017, Hedron released his memoir “Tippy,” There he described rising to stardom. That year, he told Fox News that his complicated relationship with Hitchcock was “a tragic situation.” He died in 1980 at the age of 80.

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Tippy Hetron and granddaughter Dakota Johnson are coming to Amazon Studios premiere "Suspria" October 24, 2018 at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California.

Tippy Hetron and granddaughter Dakota Johnson are set to premiere on Amazon Studios ‘Suspiria’ on October 24, 2018 at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California.
(Steve Granits / Wire Image)

“There’s really nothing to say,” she explained. “It’s a sad situation. It’s a wonderful, wonderful time. I’m never made a movie before, I was – I think he saw the ad I did – and … he figured out who I was, and he immediately signed me up. Then he and his wife Alma were my drama coaches. It was absolutely amazing. Then he pulled this … card. ”

“I’m not the young woman who fell from the vegetable truck,” he continued. “I’m sorry for what he did, you know, he decided to take that card out. I said, ‘I do not want that. I will not fall into the trap. He continued,’ ‘I want to get out of the contract. He said, “Well you can’t. You have to take care of your daughter as your parents age. I said, ‘You know, they don’t like to do something I don’t like. I want to get out of the deal.

“He said, ‘I’m going to ruin your business.’ He did. He kept me under contract and didn’t want to let me work. This is one of the dreams of Hollywood … it’s so unnecessary. It’s so horrible. .Anyway, life goes on! “

Despite the setbacks he faced after working with Hitchcock, the star insisted he had a “wonderful life”.

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Today Tippy Hedron is an animal rights activist.

Today Tippy Hedron is an animal rights activist.
(Greg Doherty / Getty Images Pour WAV)

“I look back on my life and think how lucky I was to have been given the opportunities that were given to me,” he said. “My parents were very nice to my sister and me and they taught us a lot about life and how to raise our heads. If something is going on and we don’t like it, there is a reason for it. Let me tell you if the situation is not right. So get out! “

“If a door opens I think I’re really trying to get through, on the other hand you want to see what you’re going through, go through it,” he shared. “If you do not like what you see on the other side of that door, close it!” I went through many of those doors and slammed many more. “

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