Record decline in estimated participation rate1

Record decline in estimated participation rate1

From 7 am on December 12, 2021, the Caledonians went to the polls for the 3rd referendum consultation. Participation figures recorded at 12 are here.

With the opening of polling stations this morning, the turnout was lower than in previous polls. At 12 noon, the trend was confirmed by an assessment of the participation rate released by the High Commission of the Republic of New Caledonia.

The turnout is estimated at 12 noon 27.75%. 2020 was 49.40% in the afternoon and 41.81% in 2018. Significant decline. As a reminder, the total number of people registered for this poll 184 332 People.

The figures are completely different from the previous year. In 2020, a historic record was set for the midday vote.

The next announcement about participation will be at 5 p.m.

In the area’s municipalities, Caledonians went to 307 polling stations. By morning, some municipalities had already revealed their participation rates.

Bourail: 32% at 10am

Dumbéa: 25% at 9:30 am then 42.5% at 12 noon, 55% at the same time in 2020

Kouaoua: 6.36% at 10am and 9.37% at 11:30am

Yahoué: 37% at 10am

Lifou: 2.3% at 11am

La Foa: As in 2020, 30% at 10am

Ovia: It was 3.26% at 12 noon and 33% at 11 in 2020

Back in the pictures, the first morning of the referendum.

Marguerite Lefrançois Polling Station

Poll: Polling booth 4 is waiting for Marguerite Le François School

© Caroline Moureaux / NC 1st

Tyé polling station in Poindimie

Polling: Tyé polling station in Poindimie.  2 votes at the ballot box at 9.30am.

© Marguerite Poigoune / NC 1st

Polling booth At Wassany Lifo

Polling: Polling Station 11 Vasani, Lifo

© Clarice Watteau / NC 1st

Cone Polling Station

Polling: Ballot box at Nemi's polling station in Connaught

© Camille Mosnier / NC 1st

Dumbéa Polling Station

Poll: Sequence in Tambia

© Loreleï Aubry / NC the 1st

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