Discover the new trend color of 2022, “Very Berry”

Discover the new trend color of 2022, "Very Berry"

After the twins “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” in 2021, it’s time for “Very Berry”. The blue, which is red and purple, has been voted “color of 2022” by experts at the Pantone Color Institute, the magazine said. She Thursday, December 9, This color selection is the first of its kind for the US company, as it was designed entirely in the same color as the PANTONE Note 17-3938.

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“A lively and cheerful attitude and a dynamic presence”

For Pantone experts, this is a choice “Combining the authenticity and consistency of blue with the energy and vibrancy of red”. Highly anticipated by decorators, this year’s color pick by the Pantone Color Institute sets the trend for the coming months in terms of colors.

The “Too big” Intended to mark the end of various forms of imprisonment and other restrictions. “Embracing the qualities of the blues with a touch of red-violet, the very berry color conveys a vibrant and cheerful attitude and an energetic presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression.”, Explained Leitreis Eisman, Managing Director of the Pontoon Color Institute. This periwinkle is blue with a shade of purple red “Loving, friendly and kind in all things”.

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