Our comment: FACE TIME BOURBON (17)

In his first attempt at winter at Vincennes, on November 21, Sebastien Cuardo’s rift made a strong appearance, surpassing his rivals at the Brix de Pretegne. Again, it is difficult to see who can stop him from passing the leadership position.

Ethnic analysis

For his first winter attempt at Vincennes, Face Time Bourbon (17) made a strong impact on November 21st, dominating with his head and shoulders at the Brix de Proteak. Once again, it’s hard to see who could prevent Sebastien Guardio’s crack shot from passing in his presence. The author of the most notable end of the race at the same Brix de Pretechn, one of the most trusted applicants for the most relevant Rebella Matters (1) second place surprise (10), runner-up for Face Time Bourne (17). In the main race. Among the strengths of his top titles, Fakir du Laurel (4) seems to be aiming for a good ranking, the Violetto Jet (5), the latest fourth in the Prix de Bretagne and the Diable de Vauvert (7) a recovery. Given this time without four legs, Jakon Geo (13) will complete our selection with Sika de Jutes (8) returning in excellent form this winter.

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