Network type, coverage and all we know about it

Network type, coverage and all we know about it

The first 5G network in Mexico came from AT&T. The US operator was successful, ahead of Telcel Announced its 5G network in the country a few days ago. However, after talking to AT&T about the doubts raised by its major release, it became clear that this was more of a network presentation than a startup.

In other words, AT&T’s great effort should not be underestimated, as its new network is a great step towards telecommunications in the country, which still has a long way to go.

AT&T’s 5G network is illustrated

The first thing to do is first. AT&T learned Your past mistakes, And this is true of the network launched in Mexico Red 5G NR. However, it does not specify whether it is a network Non-Standalone (NSA), I.e., the network on which the 4G LTE network operates, or Individual (SA), A self-powered network, independent of the other.

Most likely it will be for the 5G NSA network, All the first 5G networks that are usually launched are based on the existing 4G infrastructure. In addition, AT&T does not specify its next-generation network operating bands.

Antenna 5 g Mexico at d

On the other hand, when it comes to coverage, AT&T indicates that certain parts of Mexico City already have coverage of its new network:

Initially, users with a 5G-enabled device will be able to get coverage of Diana Tower (AT&T Corporate) and some locations in Naples, Del Valle Centro, Narvarte Poniente and Escandón sooner rather than later. Announces Go.

However, AT&T mentions it in other reports Anyone in the alleged coverage areas will not be able to access the 5G network Compatible equipment and an enabled SIM card are required.

AT&T did not specify what it takes to activate a SIM card to connect to a 5G network, and for the same reason the business offer is not yet available to the public. In this regard, when asked about the launch of the first projects, AT&T commented:

At the moment, we are focused on continuing to use our 5G network as we create utility events that will require this new mobile technology and promote the growth of the ecosystem. We will announce more news soon.

That red 5g Mexico

With these reports from AT&T, it is clear that their main focus is, firstly, to celebrate the ignition of the first 5G zones in Mexico, and secondly, to continue it even if the network is inaccessible. The average user. In fact, according to AT&T, in announcing the launch of its network, the release will take a long time, at least three years:

Over the next three years, we will launch 5G service in major markets across the country, starting in the most important cities.

So, yes, Mexico’s first 5G network is AT&T, but if you look at the whole picture where many more questions remain unanswered and seem to go a long way, its release will lose its impact.

Tellcel, it’s time to make your move.

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