Tickets / Tottenham – State Rennes: Reminder of London

Tickets / Tottenham - State Rennes: Reminder of London

State Rennes has decided it’s not the Big Benny-Oi-Oi of the evening. In London, there is no longer any question of SRFC happening. And it’s not bad.

Hope revives life, and it is with this determination that many Rens supporters lived Wednesday. However, in the 16th round of the European League Conference, Rennes got off to a good start the day before the European Championship, without pressure to qualify. With a slight mind, the Rennes team has been blossoming here and there in some articles in the English press since Tuesday, reporting some incidents of the Covit-19 in the line of its rival Tottenham. But when we encountered a LOSC a week ago whose administrative offices were devastated the day before the competition, we tend to put things in perspective.

If in doubt, State Rennes is due to check by email Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, December 10, at 9pm in London. Positive response from Tottenham, via SRFC reports His press release was released last night. At a press conference at 2:30 pm, Bruno Genecio showed no signs of concern and firmly believed the meeting would take place. Normally, Spurs is now confirmed. But on the other side of the channel, the talk shows Antonio Conte, a dangerous coach and helpless in the face of the situation, watching each of his players fall in the rate of positive tests. More precisely, they have to isolate themselves at the age of 13: 8 players and 5 staff. But the rules are rules, if 13 more players (including the minimum goalkeeper) can play, we have to play. The Italian technician is worried, and his anxiety is contagious even on screen. Conde did not appear to have the strength to oppose the crowd, or at least did not comment on the matter. He is not alone.

Alone in the world

It was 5pm on Wednesday, so nothing prevented the SRFC relocation from being questioned. Domestically, we are not too scared about this situation. Depart for the Rouge Ed Noir Airport, which departs at about 6:00 p.m. There is still growing concern in the UK that the ax will fall at 10pm French time. It takes the form of a news release as expected, but does not emerge from the governing body of the European competition, an indefinite subscriber. No, Tottenham is in touch, alone. Because spurs don’t need anyone.

“After many positive COVID-19 lawsuits at the club, we can confirm that our UEFA Europa League League Group G home match against State Rennes will not take place tomorrow (Thursday 9 December at 8:00 pm UK). Discussions are ongoing with UEFA and we will provide additional updates on this game in a timely manner. “ Refers to the London Club. State Rennes reports that a surprise video conference was held between the two clubs and UEFA at 7.45pm, with the surprise total. It was precisely at 11:29 pm that the crowd responded to the State Renegade. “The director of football’s Spurs has indicated his intention not to play UEFA in the Europa Conference League on Thursday night. It is a unilateral decision not confirmed by UEFA.” The SRFC says Spurs once again emphasized how easy it is to make decisions or at least “confirm” certain actions themselves, especially if they do not need to. Tottenham did not want to comment on the number of players affected during the video conference, but said in a statement. “Discussion with Health Care Agency” As a result, parts of its training center reserved for the first team were closed. According to SRFC, which plans to enter the UEFA, no document has been submitted to Renn, which shines through in its silence. “London Fog” Appropriately named.

While the State Rennes, who arrived in the UK this Thursday morning, waited like their supporters for UEFA recognition, it was fitting for breakfast to remember the 90 minutes between the two communications. We are working locally on Neon to understand how to make the postponement easier, which is forcing the English to find a place in their year-end mega-calendar because if there is a postponement, the regulations say it is mandatory. Played before December 31st. The same solution will appear next week, but at the same time Tottenham are expected to shift their league game to Leicester on Thursday 16 December. In short, the package seems hard to avoid for a group that is suffering from an infection and may end up qualifying for the benefit of Vitase Arnhem. Uncertainty can drag on, and when empathy for the worst-affected team is in order, it’s not about spreading the red carpet.

A cry in silence

Let’s go beyond the texts and talk about the method. At 11:00 last night, about twenty State Rennes soldiers went through the PCR checks and went to the customs checkpoints and after waiting to recover their hotel, they waited patiently for someone to explain why they had not arrived. Once again this morning, the UEFA will have to wait a long time to take a stand, and the time lost to SRFC playing a crucial match against Nice on Sunday is considerable. For those who are likely to take more time than usual in this match against Tottenham, the cancellation will be a huge disappointment. In short, for a healthier product, we make iron.

Aircraft, transportation, accommodation, administrative procedures, all of which have a cost, which will necessarily be discussed when explained in more detail between the two clubs. Therefore, for State Rennes and its players who came to England for nothing, such a situation could have repercussions on the cost and energy for zero results. And supporters of all this?

The plane, the train, the boat, the hotel, the airbnb, the hostel all now have to be thrown away for SRFC’s 500 brave fans, the survivors of the 1200 initially planned. They were determined to continue their journey despite the drastic measures taken by the British government. Because State Rens. Because of the European Cup, even without participation. Because London. Because of the dismissal of shooter Dolbert in the match against Chelsea. Because in Arsenal the second leg (reverse) turns off the light. Because one, two, and two are bad memories of the English capital. For all these reasons, State Rennes had to respond decisively to Tottenham’s press release. To them, who has not forgotten. Even if the show does not start, not everyone will leave London without knowing for sure that the show is over. For those who do not move without being reminded of London.

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