Pantone 2022: This year’s color …

Pantone 2022: This year's color ...

This is a long-awaited event in the outfit. For more than twenty years, experts at the Pantone Color Institute have released the primary color for the coming year. Who will win the extraordinary duo of “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray”, described by world power as “positive and courageous, resilient and optimistic”? Its competitors, for their part, have chosen to put 2022 under a sage green, a sign of hope and renewal.

On Thursday, December 9, Pontoon finally revealed the “color of 2022”. Thus we find “Too big”, Part number PANTONE 17-3938, a blue hue in red and purple. A choice “to combine the authenticity and consistency of blue with the energy and vibrancy of red”. The novelty also stopped the election of this shade in Pontoon. In 22 years, this is the first time for an American company to have fully developed this color to look good at home. “By incorporating the qualities of the blues with a touch of red-violet, the very berry color conveys a vibrant and cheerful attitude and an energetic presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression,” notes Leadris Eisman, executive director of the Pontoon Color Institute. .

Pontone 2022: Warm Blue “Very Berry”

After a solid bold combination of bright yellows and grays, the pontoon turns blue again. In fact, it was already a deep blue in 2020 that would be “Classic Blue”, “promising, peaceful and optimistic”. This year, to mark the end of a period of restrictions, curfews or curfew orders, Pantone chooses the shade of blue “warm, friendly and good-natured in all things.” Enough to put hope back in the heart of our being.

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