Jonah (Branson Reid) found NXT 2.0 “depressing”

wwe nxt jonah bronson reed triple h vision
wwe nxt Jonah Branson Reid Triple H View

Former Bronx Reid saw the new version of the WWE NXT and apparently did not like it.


NXT loses sight of Triple Ech, and even former talents like Jonah are paying attention.

Named Bronze Reid, Jonah was the North American champion in the old version of the NXT before quickly losing his title to Isaiah Scott after 42 days in power. After a few weeks in the summer he will be fired along with other talents.

Since then, the wrestler has had time to jump back. We saw him at the NJPW on the US side, but we also saw him at his Impact Wrestling debut on December 2nd. This did not stop him from watching WWE NXT from time to time to follow his Australian comrades Duke Hudson, Indy Hartwell, Persia Byrota or Grayson Waller. We can say that he did not like it.

In an interview with Fightful, Jonah described seeing the new version of WWE NXT, but did not really like what he saw and explained that without Triple H’s vision, the show would not be like that.

I understand what they are trying to do and the direction they are taking, but that vision is what I wanted [Triple H] Of NXT, and that view is now completely gone, especially after NXT wargams. It was like the end of yellow and black. We at that time were trying to do something different because we were trying to turn it into a third brand.

I love wrestling, I love WWE, I love what they do, but I saw RAW and SmackDown as entertainment shows and NXT as wrestling shows, and now it seems like another entertainment show.

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Jonah described in a similar interview that he had been in touch with and influenced by many personalities in WWE and NXT since his departure, including Shawn Michaels, but was unable to communicate with Triple H.

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