“I will win whatever it takes”

"I will win whatever it takes"

Tario Perez
Ringsider 2020

Le leader Adam Trenade (6-2, 0 KOs) Travel tomorrow Wednesday to face the undefeated Brits on Friday Idris Weirge (11-0-1, 1 KO), a complicated fight due to rival system, delay of warning and always hard character coming home when there is a big advertiser in the middle, Hennessy Sports. We were with him to express his feelings:

“This is the first time I’ve fought as a professional player outside of Spain, but he’s an important competitor and important card, so I like to use experience. This is my first fight in eight rounds. I’m very excited and excited. I have experience in the boxing world, I’m not afraid of anything; I was preparing for a fight here in Talavera de la Raina, and it did not come out, they invited me to face Veljko Rasnadovic (10-0, 7 kos) from Serbia, so I joined the same production. ‘ I did not stop training to be ready for any opportunity to work with manager John Coupeca and Second Out coach Manuel Fernandez., This Trenado.

About his preferences, he argues “He’s undefeated, but he’s only got one knockout, and he’s not fought with incredibly important opponents, so we see a chance to win. Go out with ambition, try to win whatever it takes. I knocked down competitors a few times; on the one hand, this information is good for me, so they think I’m not a puncher. We said, but they should not have found anyone else, so they crossed the 79,400 mark for lightweight heavyweights. He’s younger than me, so here’s an advantage..

Adam Trenado finally tells us what he wants in the future, but always insists that his mind is only December 10: “A few months ago we were going to play in the Spanish Championship, in the end it did not happen. I want to challenge it. César Núñez was surprised to withdraw after realizing it, I hope they will ask us about it.”.

Finally, he asks us for remote support: “It’s being broadcast openly on Channel 5 in the UK and I think you can watch it on the Internet from Spain.”. Good luck to the brave Manchester.

The interview can be found on this link tonight at 10pm.

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