TF1 will transform Jimmy Fallon’s new hobby

TF1 will transform Jimmy Fallon's new hobby

INFO LE FIGARO – NBC’s famous American presenter’s next show is coming to France between spring and summer.

Did TF1 lend a hand to future successful entertainment? La Une has acquired the rights to the new project “That’s My Jam” Feeling better By Jimmy Fallon. Having hosted the “Tonight Show” on NBC since 2014, he is one of the most popular animators on American television.

TF1 will present the first international adaptation of “That’s My Jam”, a music game that combines karaoke, blind tests, off-musical cultural experiments and, above all, good humor. “This is not ‘The Voice’ talent show. It’s pure entertainment.”, Explains Julian DeGroot, director of content development for the TF1 team.

Two teams with two personalities have to compete in different events. For example, on the Musical Imitation Wheel, contestants must sing the lyrics of one song to the tune of another song. In the challenge of “don’t kill it, don’t spray it”, if competitors are wrong in words, they are sprayed.

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