Clement v. The jury ruled in Wright

Clement v.  The jury ruled in Wright

In Miami, the arbitral tribunal ruled in favor of the family of Craig Wright and his former partner Dave Clemen, who self-proclaimed the creator of Bitcoin. This was stated by La 360 reporter Carolina Polado.

According to the decision, W&K will pay Wright $ 100 million in compensation to Info Defense Research. Change… In 2019, Satoshi Nagamoto announced himself Tried to prove in courtKleeman spoke of having no claim to the declared shareholding in the company, and the latter allegedly of being denied from his share.

“I feel very happy and fair. I am not a cheater, I have never been,” – leads CoinDesk Wright’s words.

The arbitral tribunal rejected other claims against him.

Earlier, WizSec experts said that the arbitral tribunal “chooses between two wrong decisions”:

“Neither Wright nor Clayman had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin or exploited PTC, so they are arguing about fictitious assets that do not yet exist (or are trying to claim the Bitcoin of others).”

WizSec stressed that Wright “created a story” about how he first created cryptocurrency. In turn, the plaintiffs “caught him in his word” and demanded that he return half of their ‘property’.

“Wright cannot admit that he created it all, otherwise the whole house of cards will collapse. As a result, both sides pretend that some of Wright’s lies are true,” the book reads.

“If the jury eventually forces Wright to pay a large sum of money to Wright, it should not be reported to Wright, but to Wright,” the experts added.

According to WizSec, however, “this is a mockery of justice”, but Wright’s losses are minimal.Poetic justice.

Ira Kleeman, brother of Dave Kleeman, a computer forensic scientist and mathematician, died in February 2018. Filed A lawsuit against Craig Wright.

The plaintiff is accused of embezzling 1.1 million BTC allegedly owned by Clement in connection with the creation of the first cryptocurrency.

At the same time, WizSec experts FoundThe bitcoin addresses mentioned in the case do not belong to Clayman or Wright.

In August 2019, the Southern District Court of Florida Decided Collect 500,000 BTC from Wright. Satoshi declared himself Nagamoto Denied From participating in the Claim Settlement Agreement. The operations were resumed.

As of May 2020, there are 145 early bitcoin addresses Signed News accusing Wright of fraud and perjury. He said the addresses belonged to him.

In June of the same year, Wright and Clement’s lawyers Provided List of 36 witnesses in the case. Among the experts, they include Gavin Andreson, the early Bitcoin developer and Andreas Antonopoulos, the pastor of cryptocurrency. In his testimony, Anderson Missing Wright was the creator of digital gold and suggested he might have been misled.

In September 2020, the court Rejected Wright’s petition for a brief judgment. Earlier, he had said that the limit period had expired and the plaintiff could not prove the oral agreement.

In February 2021 Wright demands bitcoin core from developers Re-access two Bitcoin wallets for him. One of the addresses is related to hacking of Mt.Gox cryptocurrency exchange.

Note that Wright’s defense is built on two aspects: Autism spectrum disorder diagnosed And the absence of a written agreement with Clement. According to the defendant’s attorney, due to autism, his client and Clement He understood the word “partner” differently.

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