Leah Black and Mustang Honeycorn VS 4000 hp Corvette

Leah Black and Mustang Honeycorn VS 4000 hp Corvette

If the Mustang Honeycorn produces 1,400 hp of power, it faces 4,000 hp of Corvette! Even if Leah is on the black wheel, the task is guaranteed to be tough.

Last year, the Hunigan team chose to show value 1965 Ford Mustang Honeycorn RTR used by Ken Black at his gymnasium. To this end, he performed several drag races in the series Honeycorn vs The World. Today the US company has decided to put the card back on for season 2!

Strong enemy!

In the first episode, we can say that the muscle car hits hard, even very heavily! In fact, the first enemy of the Mustang RTR is neither more nor less Than the Corvette made exclusively for track racingS. Behind the wheel of the Mustang we see Ken Black’s daughter Leah Black still 14 years old!

The NHRA Corvette is powered and operated by Alex, the best racer who uses this car to relax on the weekends. The HEMI engine has been extensively redesigned Create the insane power of 4000 hp! The assembly is transmitted to the rear wheels only via a 3-speed transmission. The most incredible thing is that this unit works without air conditioning. Everything only cools in the air, especially thanks A fan that spins twice as fast as a motor.

The most favorable conditions for Ford?

Honeycorn, Despite the 1,400 hp power Today seems pale, but there are still some arguments in favor of her. First, All-wheel drive allows all of its chariots to land on the ground more efficiently. The ground, moreover, is not the official track race track, so it is not covered with bitumen with high grip. One more positive point for the Ford Coupe.

We let you find out the video of the end of this Donetsk race!

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