Hollywood and remakes: Double or nothing

Hollywood and remakes: Double or nothing

(AFP) – Anjaliya to the geniuses of cinema or the laziness of a profession? Like Spielberg’s “West Side Story”, the remake is a genre of good or bad in Hollywood.

– Success Stories –

“Heat” (1995): Alfred Hitchcock’s first edition of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” was considered “amateur”, with some directors daring to remake their own films.

A textbook case of American Michael Mann. Realizing that he was not at the bottom of things with “LA Tag Down” aired on television in France, he became a classic: “Heat”, which marks the first appearance on screen of two legends. : Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

The Birdcage (1996): Now out of fashion, the adaptation of Jean Baird’s play “La Cage Ox Foles” is one of the most popular French comedies with Transvestite and Michael Cherald in Yugo Tonkasi.

Released in 1978, the film had a unique American rule: in addition to two Oscars, director Mike Nichols provided an almost shot-by-shot remake that added to Robin Williams’ unique energy. The remake captivated American audiences, as well as the way Hollywood portrayed gender and homosexuality issues. In France, the general public (5.4 million audiences in theaters) is eager for a copy (147,000 combinations).

“The Departed” (2006): Extraordinary cast (Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon), in service of a film that finally won the Oscar for Best Picture for Martin Scorsese.

We forgot a bit about Andrew Law, the director of the Hong Kong thriller “Inferior Affairs”, from which the film is inspired. “Of course, I think my version is the best,” he told Apple Daily reporters without a false burial. “But the Hollywood version is not bad.”

– Chess –

How many shipwrecks for the remake that hides the original? Hollywood, whose economy has been in turmoil in recent years, thought it would find a lifeline by revisiting popular classics from the 1990s in a slightly darker way: “Total Recall”, “The Experience Banned – Flatliners”, “Pointbreak” Without much success.

Perhaps one of the biggest failures of recent years is Guy Ritchie’s ‘drifting’ with his wife Madonna. Wanting to revisit an Italian film about a rich man drowning on a desert island from the 1970s, he often drowned out the pop star’s screen career.

– Certified copy-

Psycho (1998): This is a remake that made everyone suspicious. Director Gus von Sand took this idea for granted, recreating the Hitchcock Classic (1960) in the same way, from camera angles.

Encouraging critics is not enough. One of the most famous, Roger Ebert, teased: “This is a precious experiment in cinematic theory, which shows that the shot-by-shot remake is useless.”

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