NFL | The Giants will be without Daniel Jones on Sunday

NFL |  The Giants will be without Daniel Jones on Sunday

(East Rutherford) New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones will miss the Miami Dolphins on Sunday due to a neck injury.

Tom Canavan
Associated Press

Head coach Joe Judge confirmed Jones’ absence on Friday after team doctors told him he had not been given the green light to receive his young quarterback punches.

“I know it’s frustrating for him, but I think it’s best for him,” Judge Jones said.

The judge declined to comment on the injury. The decision only affected Sunday’s game, but Jones could not say when he would receive the green light.

Senior Mike Glenn will make his debut for the Giants (4-7). In the halfway point against the Dallas Cowboys on October 10, he was appointed to replace Jones, who suffered a concussion.

He finished with 16 passes in 25 attempts for 196 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

This is his first start with the Giants.

Late last season, Glenn started five games with the Jaguars in Jacksonville. With seven touchdowns and five interceptions, he had 111 of his 179 passes for 1,072 yards.

Jack Fromm, who was hired by the Giants as part of the Buffalo Pills training team, will serve as reserve.

Fromm has never been to an NFL game before.

Jones, who has started every Giants game this season, was injured against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday.

Jones, the sixth player to claim the title until 2019, trained at low speeds on Wednesday and Thursday.

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