Exposition Mode or Palace de Kensington: Royal Fashion in the Making

Exposition Mode or Palace de Kensington: Royal Fashion in the Making

At Kensington Palace, the home of Prince William, find an exhibition that opens its doors to royal style: Royal fashion in productionUntil January 2, 2022.

Kensington Palace, located east of Hyde Park, is one of the historic royal residences. Home to the English kings until the 17th century, the palace is still home to many members of the royal family. Now inhabits Prince William, his wife Kate and their children; It was also the home of his little brother, who later moved to the United States. The Duke and Duchess of Duchess of Crucifer or Duchess of Close also live there. Renovated in 1689, Kensington Palace now opens its doors to allow visitors to discover some of its treasures.

A visit to Kensington Palace is historically significant

A visit to Kensington Palace offers an opportunity to learn about the life of the British royal family over the past centuries. Visitors can see the childhood toys of Queen Victoria, who was born elsewhere in the palace. Before his newspapers and his residences were discovered, some of his precious jewels were on display. Another section of the building is reserved for the king’s gallery and the various rooms in which previous kings lived, painted and received. Throughout the rooms, visitors realize the importance of this place to the history of the royal family. At the end of the tour we get a glimpse of Princess Diana’s treasured Royal Gardens. Where his memorial was unveiled on July 1, 2021.

Monument to Princess Diana on display at Kensington Palace Royal Garden

Tickets for adults start at £ 19.5, with preferential fees for children, students and the elderly. These provide access to the palace and the makeshift exhibition Royal Fashion in the Making.

Queen Victoria's jewels are on display at Kensington Palace

Until January 2, 2022, discover the making of Royal Fashion

Kensington Palace can take pride in hosting temporary exhibitions such as the Royal Fashion in Making. The Orange Building is filled with treasures for fashion lovers, with the support of the Flavdnick Family Foundation, along with Garrett, the royal family’s historian. One can explore the relationship between the Couturiers and the members of the British monarchy, the exhibit that highlights the importance of fashion to the royal family and the completeness that can be created by selecting pieces.

Work is underway at Kensington Palace

Diana Princess Diana’s wedding dress, symbolizing her era, is the central element of the visit. Created by Elizabeth Emmanuel and fitted with a nearly 8 meter (longest in royal history) train, the latter was borrowed by Princes William and Harry: she wore this dress for the first time in 25 years. We can also see part of the dress worn by General Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother, and her husband George VI during the coronation ceremony. Royal Fashion in the Making also opens the background to the creation of these royal pieces: paintings, models, tools … We discovered the process of creating these fashion gems worn by the royal family.

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