Big bang in Iranian skies .. Talk about defense missile test

Big bang in Iranian skies .. Talk about defense missile test

“Local sources say there was a huge explosion in the Nance sky. So far, no official source has confirmed or denied the report,” news websites, including Faro News, quoted the agency as saying.

The state-run Press TV said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

It comes just days after talks resumed in Vienna over Iran’s nuclear program, with Washington warning that it would not accept Tehran’s continued blockade of talks on the nuclear file.

A U.S. official said Saturday: “Washington does not approve of the situation.” Iran It is dragging its feet in the negotiations while accelerating its nuclear program.

He added, “Iran’s proposals reflect a withdrawal from all the compromises made in the previous six rounds.”

The official noted that the date of the talks was “not important” but that it was important whether Tehran would be active in the talks. Iran “continues to accelerate nuclear program in provocative ways.”

On Friday, the United States criticized Iranian officials for not presenting “constructive plans” during talks on the Iranian nuclear file in Vienna.

On Friday, just days after the resumption of talks in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program, Europeans expressed their “disappointment and concern” over Iran’s demands.

Senior diplomats from France, Germany and Britain denounced the “retreat” during the first round of talks between April and June, saying “Tehran is backing away from all difficult solutions.”

The U.S. official pointed out that “we do not know the date of the next round of talks in Vienna.”

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