American Dream ”this Sunday 05 December on TF1

“Les Tuche 2: the American dream” on your evening TV show on Sunday, December 05, 2021. TF1 invites you to watch or revisit this comedy directed by Olivier Barrocks led by Jean-Paul Rowe and Isabelle Nandy. Released in theaters in 2016, the film is the second installment in the Tucson trilogy.


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Les Tuche 2: The American Dream ”: Summary

Now fortunately they have won 100 million euros in the lottery, so Tuche takes it easy in the north of France. But they unexpectedly decide to land in Los Angeles, where they send the younger Donald to improve his English at a high school in Los Angeles. It is there that the young man meets the beautiful Jennifer, the daughter of a famous businessman, with whom he falls in love.

Ashamed of his humble appearance, Donald discovered that his father was a cosmetic surgeon. To please him and stick to the image he created, his father decided to buy a clinic in LA and pretend to be a scalpel specialist.

With Jean-Paul Rouve (Jeff Tuche), Isabelle Nanty (Cathy Tuche), Claire Nadeau (Mamie Suze), Sarah Stern (Stéphanie Tuche), Pierre Lottin (Wilfried Tuche), Theo Fernandez (Donald Tuche).



Here is a little taste of the pictures with the official trailer

Follow the adventures of the most insane family Tuchei in cinema from 21.05 on TF1 this Sunday, December 5th. Like any motion picture, replay is not available.

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