Variation in Brazil Omicron | Sao Paulo and 15 other cities are canceling New Year celebrations

Variation in Brazil Omicron |  Sao Paulo and 15 other cities are canceling New Year celebrations

(Sao Paulo) Brazil’s most populous city, S பாo Paulo, has canceled Thursday’s New Year’s celebrations, traditionally uniting two million people in Avenida Paulista, fearing that the Omigron variant of Covit-19 could spread after the first three cases are discovered. .

“We are canceling New Year’s Eve (December 31) at the request of health officials,” said Ricardo Nunes, mayor of the city of 12 million, during a visit to New York.

Joao Toria, the governor of the named state in New York, followed the recommendation of the science committee and announced on Twitter that “maintaining the need to wear a mask in the open”.

The decision comes after the government announced last week that compulsory wearing of masks would end from December 11.

“All the statistics show that the epidemic in Sao Paulo is declining, but we will choose a precautionary policy,” Toria explained.

More than half of Brazil’s state capitals – 16 out of 27 – have canceled New Year’s Day from Recife to Brasilia or Porto Alegre. Currently, Rio de Janeiro maintains its iconic New Year celebration, which brings together three million cheerleaders on the massive Copacabana beach.

On Tuesday, the governor of Sao Paulo announced two first instances of the Omigron variant, the first in Latin America. The next day, a 3e The case has been confirmed in the same state.

To prevent the spread of the new variant first discovered in South Africa, Brazil, like other countries, has closed its borders to flights from six South African countries.

Brazil has recorded more than 614,000 deaths from COVID-19, making it the second most tragic country in the world after the United States.

More than 62% (213 million people) received two doses of the vaccine. The third dose injection started in November.

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