Music from the Little 2021 ad “The Christmas List”


Lidl presents its Christmas promotional film at the end of the year. An advertising campaign by Guilhem Machenaud highlights the importance of having a good address to do all your shopping for during the holidays. The title is the music of the ad “There’s a moon tonight” From The Caprice.


Little ad for Christmas 2021

Christmas is the time when we tend to run in all directions. Go shopping to prepare New Year’s Eve food, but to find gifts for loved ones, you need to know where to go. Little, A leading partner in mass distribution and a leading partner in terms of quality at the lowest prices, together provide all the products needed for a great holiday.

Little movie for the holidays Christmas Takes us to the excitement of this time of year. It features a woman and her son wandering around the Little shelves with their shopping list. They prepare New Year’s dinner with order and order and find everything they need in the brand’s store. They tick off everything they get for the meal. In fact, “Throughout the year at Christmas, everything you need is Little … or almost”. In the kitchen, in the middle of preparing dinner, the bell rings. Big sister who came to spend Christmas Eve with family. The boy can check his list.

What is the music in the Lidl ad?

To present its new advertising space, Little chose a title from the group The Caprice. The song of “There’s a moon tonight” And taken from the album “Indian Girl” 1961. The song was a huge hit with the band.

The Caprice An American DooWoop group was formed in 1958. At first all members were Italian-American, but the band was inspired by Afro music. The group’s identified members are Frank Raina, Tony Sergi, Lou Esposito, John Manford and Michael D’Amor. However, during its existence years, many members left the group and were replaced. Some pursued a different career or others died tragically. Caprice is still performing on American stages with Frank Raine, one of the original members.

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