Coca-Cola is still far from the mark

Coca-Cola is still far from the mark

The American soda company is a world champion in plastic pollutionONG Get rid of plastic. If a way to improve is being tested in Brazil, it is estimated that these efforts are not yet sufficient BBC.

A Report issued BBC News Brazil The multinational company Coca-Cola shows that it faces great difficulties in recycling its plastic bottles, especially in poor countries.

Before prompting a solution in Brazil, the media reviews environmental promises that were not put into soda by the world leader, but would not be enough if other initiatives were not implemented.

In Brazil, Coca-Cola promotes different plastic bottles. Larger, more resistant, it is designed to be reused as many times as old glass bottles, as the ads show.

According to Coca-Cola, “These new bottles can be reused up to twenty – five times.”. Solution against plastic pollution, but it is not enough. As the video suggests, this initiative has not yet been generalized: Coca-Cola sold 112 last year Billions of reusable bottles, and 4 billion recyclable plastics alone.

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Operation “Greenwashing”

In the statement BBC, One of the speakers, MemberONG Get rid of plastic, Coca-Cola blames Green wash, This marketing technique aims to present the ecological argument in the wrong way to enhance its image.

According to le rapport 2021 de Break from Plastic, Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of plastic waste. Since its first edition in 2018, the Fighters Association has been ranked among the champion companies in plastic pollution.

In its promotional campaigns, Coca-Cola announced plans to recycle more bottles, the report said BBC News Highlights an important point: “When we look closely, we see that there is a condition: these bottles are non-recyclable. ‘Only where appropriate infrastructure is available’”. Lack of infrastructure in poor countries.

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