The amendment extended the locking of prisons until December 7

The amendment extended the locking of prisons until December 7

Secretary of Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR), Ana Escobar Pabón, extended until December 7th Disabling Closures are maintained in reform companies that do not have positive cases and in companies that still have positive cases.

According to a report, this determination is a preventive measure to prevent new outbreaks of COVID-19. This closure excludes community therapy centers.

Currently the reform organizations with positive cases of COVID are West Mayaques Prevention Center (34), Jerusalem Camp (15), Sabana Hoyos (2) in Arecibo, Ponce Principal (1) and maximum security correction firm Kuyama 1,000 (45).

Escobar Babon further explained Family visits are suspended until December 15 In all reform organizations that do not have COVID-19 cases.

Among those with a positive Covid 19, They will be canceled until the isolation is complete And the medical team recommends restarting them. As of this date, visits will be limited to two family members per inmate and will be without contact for 30 minutes with acrylics installed in the visiting area. Also, food intake in the visiting area is canceled.

Other activities

At the same time, the official said the activities of inmates outside the institutions, which include the decorative brigades, have been suspended. For internal operations, ethically established surgical masks will be used.

It was pointed out that prisoners would attend their medical appointments as long as the doctor needed them in person. During transport, prisoners of different companies will not be mixed and each vehicle will occupy only 50% of its capacity. Visits to the courts will be made virtually and in person during the final hearing.

98% of the agency’s staff have been vaccinated, some are already in the third dose, and the agency has begun vaccinating prisoners in large quantities in the third dose, ”Escobar said.

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