Results of PCR trials for Canadians: easing anxious boundaries

Results of PCR trials for Canadians: easing anxious boundaries

PCR testing is no longer mandatory for Canadians returning from a stay in the United States for less than 72 hours, which delights those living near the border, but experts are concerned about the arrival of the Omicron variant COVID-19.

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“It’s really a relief. We have friends and family [aux États-Unis] ்த் Faith Gower, owner of Variety Hemingford in Monterrey, 5 km from the border, testified.

As of Tuesday, fully vaccinated Canadians arriving in the United States by land or by air will no longer be required to submit PCR test results upon return home.

But despite this relaxation, Ms.Me Gower did not plan to cross the border at any time due to the Omigron variation.

Loosely low logical

The easing of border operations planned by Ottawa was logical a few days ago, but less and less, argues virologist Benoit Barbeau.

“Because the Omigron variant is spread across the planet, we have to re-impose the PCR test no matter how long it takes,” he says.

The main problem with this new variant is that it can travel to people who have been vaccinated.

“These border measures are somewhat symbolic. There are more effective things like personal protection and better vaccination [avec une troisième dose] ”, Montreal confirms his role as an immunologist at Andre Weillet’s Medical Research Institute.

Since the outbreak began Oct. 31, Canadian Border Service officials suspect 374 Covid-19 test results are fraudulent.

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