The first comments about Spielberg’s music fell

Across the Atlantic, as in France, were the first ideas about the renaissance of popular music Western story Have come through Spielberg.

Let’s admit it now, it’s hard to be excited about Steven Spielberg’s perception, especially since it’s a genre (despite the vast diversity of his filmmaking he’s a genre) and a re-reading of the famous musical. Western story Released on Broadway in 1957 and already adapted into cinema in 1961.

Inspired Romy Yo and Juliet De William Shakespeare, lHe depicts the competition of two rival bands in the American Upper West Side. On the one hand, the RIF-led jets are white Americans belonging to the working class. On the other hand, the Bernardo-led sharks are second-generation immigrants and mostly from Puerto Rico. When Tony, Riff’s boyfriend, Bernardo’s sister, falls in love with Maria, the leader of the sharks, a great impossible love story is born.

Whether it’s those who love Broadway boards or the many kids who were marked by a blaster cast of ghosts in the 80s. Of whom Steven Spielberg became the father ET is beyond Earth, Riders of the Lost Ark, Boldergist Or Jurassic Park (The Joker, which revolutionized the 90s), can’t help but rejoice in this encounter above. And some have already had the opportunity to discover it around the world. Small collection of first ideas.

West Side Story: Photo by Ansel ElgardBoth gang leaders seem to have won over their audience

English speaking ideas

“West Side Story is unique. Steven Spielberg has talked about making music all his life, and I have no regrets waiting. He’s one of the best Spielbergs.” Chris Evangelista – Slash

“West Side Story: Essentially, if it’s really entertaining, it’s a brilliant and elegant work by an American director. 40% of the lines are Spanish without subtitles. Barry Hertz – The Globe and Mail

“My God. Steven Spielberg seems to know how to make a West Side Story movie.” Mike Ryan – Abrax

West Side Story: Photo by Haryana Depos

Thief, Thief, Haryana Depos stole the picture!

“Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is bold and exciting. The best parts are Tony Kushner’s book and a dramatic retelling of classic numbers like” America “and” Somewhere. ” Well, this movie has all the features of a serious Oscar contender. Brent Long – Variety

“Shock: I do not hate Spielberg’s West Side Story. It’s not an improvement on the original (what could it be?). The characters’ skin is very pale. The scenes are stunning. . “ Robert Daniels – Playlist

“I hoped the 2021 West Side story would quench my thirst for music directed by the decades-old Spielberg. Alas, it’s so well filmed and staged, it’s a complete lesson in music direction, and I’m afraid I need more.” Jesse Hasenger – AV Club

West Side Story: Photo by Rita Moreno

With Rita Moreno and Steven Spielberg, 50% of American cinema history is before our eyes.

French ideas

West Side Story: PhotoA severe duality

Conducted by cast with new faces, Among them Rachel Jeckler or David Alvarez and Mike Faist (Rita Moreno clever or Haryana Dipos, who would like to quote him because he is already in Hamilton), ‘If we believe the ideas’ chemistry seems to be complete (almost all enthusiasts in the press from France or elsewhere).

So this is even more promising Western story Cannibalism survives its voyages in December. Her postponements due to infection now force her to compete with Tom Holland against the end of the Spider-Man trilogy or Neo’s fourth installment and return. The Matrix 4: Resurrections. Western story It will make you dance in theaters from December 8, 2021.

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