Max Scherzer Derby: The Angels were ahead of the Dodgers

Max Scherzer Derby: The Angels were ahead of the Dodgers

It’s no secret that Los Angeles needs pitchers. Mike Trudeau, the best player of his generation, was also involved recently. The latter began to cry from the heart to the senior management At the end of the most recent campaign, in an attempt to do everything possible to attract the prosperous Max Scherzer to his teams.

Even if this wish is not fulfilled, the center fielder can at least be relaxed. In fact, it looks like his team was really in the race for the services of the finalist for the Cy Young Cup, losing to Corbin Burns. In fact, the Angels were even closer to signing the right hand than his former teammate and LA rival Dodgers. The idea of ​​playing with two of the best players in baseball at Mike Trout and Shoaib Ohtani is fascinating! In the end, the Mets’ money was the last word.

In all the rumors about launchers

Let us recall the facts. Since the start of the season, the Angels have had the services of two pitchers with MVP Shoaib Ohtani. First, Nova Sinterkirt agreed to the terms of a $ 21 million one-season deal in mid-November. Thor, as his nickname suggests, is returning from Tommy John type surgery and has not been launched since 2019.

Then, last week, Aaron started a two-season, one-year option at the club’s option, earning him $ 7.5 million a year.

Finally, as we told you today, Anaheim was very interested in the American Sy Young winner in the person of Robbie Ray. Curious, yes, because we learned in the afternoon that Ray had agreed with Seattle Mariners for five seasons. Apparently, the California club is aggressive on the gunner side.

The 37-year-old Scherzer could have said it would have been much harder to match or break such a record amount if he had gone back to Mike Trout and his words with the deal he signed with the Mets. We’re still talking about $ 43.3 million a year!

The Angels’ # 27 team can be delighted to see everything done to fulfill his desires and his club competing among the MLB’s elite. He receives a basic salary of 35.45 million a year. That is, regardless of the contracts of Renton, Upton and everyone else. MLB owners may have deep pockets, but sometimes they even have a limit on their credit line!

It remains to be seen now what alternatives will be available for Anaheim who could not inquire about Matt Max and Robbie Ray. We chat, but could a guy like Clayton Kershaw have an idea? However, no one can blame them for their inaction.

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