Three Mets acquisitions have been recognized for their leadership

Brief MLP: Starling Martே Steals Goals with Historic Skill Santiago Espinal is coming off well

In the mats, the Leadership Not the strength of the corporation. The guys are guided by a Francisco Linder who thinks about him and, ultimately, by Steve Cohen, who is often talked about for ugly reasons.

Controversies are sticking to the skin of the club, and this, by the strongest non-leaders in the world.

As I was writing this, I tried to import the questionable tweet of Marcus Stroman to prove my point … but I failed because he deleted it. Says what needs to be said.

So the purpose of the Mets is to add Leadership Positive and it worked. Starling Marte, along with Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar, added three comrades who are famous for having a great stay in the club locker room.

The comrades can effectively guide the Mets players with experience and good examples. That’s the right thing to do.

For those who do not believe it, see Montreal Canadians 2020-2021 edition and 2021-2022 edition. Yes, it’s not about everything, but experience is important.

I already liked seeing three new players from Montreal, but it’s even better. With Robinson Cono likely to return, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

But there, Billy Effler will have to do the impossible in Anaheim: go get the pitchers.

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