United States. Police are searching for a California couple who stole more than $ 20 million

United States.  Police are searching for a California couple who stole more than $ 20 million

  • Richard Ivesyan, 43, and his wife, Marietta Terabelian, 37, cut off their electronic surveillance bracelets at the end of August and left home. They left a letter for three children aged 13, 15 and 16. In it they wrote: One day we will be together again. This is not a farewell, but a small gap between us – Ayvazyana lawyer told local television WKRC
  • In June, the two wives were accused of engaging in a major scam using funds to help small businesses illegally.
  • Looted more than $ 20 million. Together with her husband’s brother, 41 – year – old Arthur Ayvasian, they were found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and money laundering.
  • The brothers were also accused of stealing personal information
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Richard Ayvasyan was sentenced to 17 years in prison, Arthur Ayvasyan to 5 years and Terabelian to six years in prison. A federal attorney said their case was the first case to go to court in the country, the WKRC noted.

According to court documents, fraudsters used misleading or stolen data to file applications for about 150 federal epidemic aid loans to bogus companies in the San Fernando Valley. They submitted fictitious tax returns and payroll records to the Lenders and Small Business Commission (SBA).

Three and five of their associates bought mansions, gold coins, diamonds, furniture, luxury watches and Harley-Davidson motorcycles with the proceeds.

“When our nation was in great danger, these people only thought of filling their pockets.[…]The verdicts reflect the seriousness of these crimes, “said Ryan L. Korner, a spokesman for the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Bureau.

The location of the husband-wife is unknown. The FBI is offering a $ 20,000 reward. For information leading to their arrest.

Ashwin J., one of Richard Ayvasian’s lawyers. Ram, according to the families of the wanted persons, pointed out that they may have been abducted by co-conspirators.

“He has been accused of conspiring with dozens of people, and only a few have been charged. If he was really the leader, someone might want to silence him, the lawyer suggested.

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