The Prince of Bel-Air: Discover the first teaser of the remake

The Prince of Bel-Air: Discover the first teaser of the remake

The Prince of Bell-Air, a cult series that starred Will Smith in the 1990s, is undergoing a remake, the first teaser of which was released on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Relaxedly renamed “Bel-Air”, this new version makes Will Smith’s voice even louder at first glance, much darker than its famous model.

Humor led to drama on the show, which was meant to be realistic and aimed at denouncing racism and social inequality in contemporary America. Bel-Air, set in modern America, took a dramatic new hour in the sitcom of the 1990s, creating the original storyline: Will’s complex journey between the streets of Philadelphia and the inaccessible apartments of Bel-Air ”, it declares.

“We stuck with the summary of the original series, that is, Will’s life turned upside down after being forced to leave West Philly to land in the mansion and wealthy city of Bel-Air. However, our new series brings the Will and the Banks family into the world,” said the series’ creator, DJ Brady. Newson told Collider.

It is scheduled to air in 2022

“With a redesigned look, Bell-Air explores conflicts, emotions and intrinsics that cannot be fully explored in the form of a 30-minute sitcom, while providing hints and recommendations for the series.”

In the released video, Will Smith’s successor, actor Jabry Banks, falls into a swimming pool and lands on a golden throne at the bottom of the water, reminiscent of something that appears in the credits of the original series.

“It’s the story of how my life turned upside down,” he said vocally, using lyrics from the original credits (“Now this is the story of how / my life was turned upside down …”).

“Bel-Air”, produced by Westbrook Studios and Universal Television, production companies of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, will air in 2022 in the US base in Peacock.

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