Olivier Baroux wants to film Tuche’s new chapter in 2023

Olivier Baroux wants to film Tuche's new chapter in 2023

If the fourth part of Duchess has not yet been released in cinema, its director says that the fault of the Kovit-19 epidemic, a new chapter is already being prepared. The only condition: success at the box office is always there.

Jeff Touche and his family have not yet had a chance to return to the cinema and they may go on a fifth adventure. A few days before the release Rain4 In the Dark Rooms, scheduled for December 8 after a delay of more than a year due to Covit-19, its director Olivier Barrox expressed optimism on BFMTV. Also let us know that the fifth picture of Bouzolles’ sympathetic drinkers was already in the boxes. Best: There is even a date for it.

“We came up with an idea a month ago,” Oliver Faroux told us. “We came up with an idea that made us happy, this is crazy, this is totally crazy,” he exclaims in front of our camera, sharing that excitement with the film crew. “We asked everyone if they wanted to, we told the actors this story, we gave them the pitch and they said ‘this is what needs to be done’. They did: ‘Okay let’s go’.”

It is there to set an agenda with the cast and crew on the “agenda of the ministers”. “So we set ourselves up: ‘Spring 2023 shooting, release February 2024′”, God promises him that he became known with Marat when he created Gott and Olivier.

துச்சே In the first part, he follows an ordinary family who sees their fate change when they win 100 million euros in the lottery. துச்சே 4 Promises to be as crazy as the previous chapters. Excessive consumption is the theme of the film. Jeff Touche confronts his brother-in-law, Jean-Yves, manager of a warehouse owned by an American e-commerce company.

Filmed in early 2020, துச்சே 4 Completed during epidemics. To finish the film, Oliver Barrocks and Jean-Paul Rowe were forced to rewrite the scenes they had in order to respect social exclusion measures.

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