“My Name Is Johnny”: Find a preview of Johnny Holiday’s US tour

"My Name Is Johnny": Find a preview of Johnny Holiday's US tour

It was one of the dreams of his life. Johnny Holiday Got time to realize it: to make a real American tour. In 2014, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Dallas, Washington, Boston, New Orleans and New York became famous for his “Born Rocker Tour” which crossed the United States and Canada for about fifteen days. Beacon Theater.

Seven years later, his last recording company, Warner, will release “My Name Is Johnny” in a few days, releasing a box with a documentary recorded during the series’s concerts across the Atlantic. About events. Behind the scenes of this exceptional tour.

Available in more or less luxurious and more or less priced versions, the box will be released on December 10th. Before that, on Thursday, December 2, we invite you to check out a preview of the movie “Born Rocker Tour” in the United States, directed by Pascal Duchenne, which follows Johnny’s tour of the United States. That’s enough Take part in the game below. Winners will attend a unique screening with ice immersive technology at the CGR Paris Lilas Cinema (XXth). This will allow you to enjoy a visual and musical immersion unlike any other at the heart of this tour.

Game and mode of participation: https://quizz.leparisien.fr/993586

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