Lover Paul breaks the silence and assassinates the Hornets in the Lionello Paul case!

Le sulfureux LaVar Ball s'est récemment attaqué aux Hornets pour leur gestion de son fils cadet, LiAngelo

While his younger brother Lamello continued to brood on NBA sites, Lionello Paul was unable to expel himself from the G-League. In a very subtle way, the youngest of the famous siblings was seen sending a violent message to the owner of his sulfur father Laver Charlotte!

After a year out of focus, he hoped he would come back again. Lionello Paul, who disappeared from circulation last season, reappeared in the colors of the NBA title this summer. Signed by the Hornets, the youngest of the siblings was soon cut, but was still able to play the Summer League with Charlotte. He, too, first distinguished himself there, Gradually before falling back into anonymity.

Lover Paul frustrated by Lianzello’s handling of the Hornets

Kellogg, who was assigned to the Greensboro Swarm team in the G-League, was hoping to one day step on the big league base. But after playing the first 4 games of the season, the 23-year-old sniper has been out of rotation for the last 2 games! A blow not to taste his father Lauer, who was recently interviewed TMZ game.

They do not realize what is in their hands. They should let my boy do his thing and play. I gave them the G-League Superstar and they didn’t know what to make of it! He’s sure to be called up to the NBA this season, but it’s okay if it does not happen. Because he would end up playing with his brothers. Hornets, collect it and play with Melo!

With his current average of 9.3 points, 1.5 rebounds and 0.8 assists per game, Lianzlo is unlikely to be called up by James Borego. Even more so if his marginalization continues. All in all, 57.7% in shooting, and 50.0% in 3 points, would be enjoyable for the clumsy Charlotte team (44.9%, 16th in the league) in shooting!

Laver Paul was tired of Lionzello making old bones in the G-League and was not ashamed to report it as usual. Didn’t know this muscle talk would do her son’s job!

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